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Focusing on the reasons employees would want to work for your company will go a long way in ensuring your business is staffed with happy, effective employees. A company that has a reputation for retaining an excellent staff has the added benefit of attracting solid employees who are looking for a long- term career. Here is a list of top reasons (in no particular order) that quality, driven, and customer-oriented employees will want to work for you.

Good Employee Relations and Fair Treatment

Implementing and constantly monitoring policies on employee/management relations is an exceptionally good idea. Make sure the policies are in place and working effectively. If they have the assurance that their voices and concerns will be heard, the employee feels more confident in their place in the organization.

Infractions of policies and rules are bound to happen. What will make your employees feel your company is a great place to work is the knowledge that any breach of conduct will be dealt with fairly and quickly. Employees see a firmly established and well-executed plan for infractions as a protective device and quality workers will appreciate it.

Safety and Equipment

Having a safe work environment is another reason employees will want employment with your company. Things like appropriate rubber mats in notoriously wet areas of the kitchen and proper storage of sharp instruments are a must for the competent employee. Employees appreciate the necessary equipment they need to take care of guests to be in good shape. Give a chef a set of state of the art tools and he or she is sure to be happy!

Internal Promotion Prospects

A company that will stand out for the ambitious employee is one that frequently promotes from within. This is a sure sign that the corporate office and management value hard work and acknowledge internal talent. This reason alone will have a supply of excellent employees excited to work for your company.

Support and Training and Learning/Development

To go along with internal promotion hospitality workers appreciate additional training. The company that offers special classes or workshops on a skill set the employee doesn’t already have is a tremendous benefit for the worker’s future. Cross training is beneficial to the company as well.

Benefits and Incentives

Offering an adequate health insurance package and a form of company sponsored retirement plan is an excellent way to show employees on all levels that the company is behind them 100%. Laurence Watson of Millennium & Copthorne Hotels agrees with this philosophy completely. He says, “All sectors are becoming more competitive in their rates of pay and benefits packages, and most major groups are revitalizing their graduate entry programs.”

Incentives are another reason a desirable employee may choose one foodservice company over another. Offering an extra vacation day or weekend night off for outstanding service, or staff discounts and perks are guaranteed to bring top-notch employees to your company.

Flexibility of Working Hours

One of the biggest gripes of employees is the sometimes inflexible scheduling – most employees with families fear missing out on some important family milestones, and they want to be assured of the ability to be present for their family’s special moments if necessary. Companies and management teams that work hard to assist their employees with scheduling flexibility will discover that when they are in a pinch those same employees will often come in on off days or work overtime to support their team.

Good Old-fashioned Money!

Doing business in any industry is competitive enough without missing opportunities for gaining an extra edge. One of the best ways to ensure your company’s success is to be staffed with competent, reliable employees – and offering quality benefits, fair wages, and flexibility is a perfect method for attracting the best employees.

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